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1. Next Groupage Truck(s)
     From Europe To Iran:

                 please call us for further informations:

2. CAF - BAF:


To coincide with the repeal of the liner conference exemption in EC Regulation 4056/86, the EMERA, IPBCC, FEFC, EMTA, etc., will terminate operations on 17 October 2008. Accordingly, the conference tariff and any other existing FREIGHT CONFERENCE arrangements will cease to be in operation on 18 October 2008.

Please see also: CAF - BAF.

3. Containermovements – Bandar Abbas/Shahid Rajaee SEZ:

Kindly take notice of a new circular published by the Port and Shipping Organization or Iran:

With effect of 22nd July 2008, all cargo documents for import/export purposes in/out of the port of Bandar Abbas including Bills of lading and cargo manifests must read for destination and/or port of discharge/loading as 'Shahid Rajaee Special Economic Zone, Bandar Abbas, Iran' or 'Shahid Rajaee SEZ, Bandar Abbas, Iran' or 'Shahid Rajaee SEZ, Bandar Abbas, Persian Gulf'.

No other wordings will be accepted by the Lines. Please make sure that L/Cs stipulating the 'old' port of destination Bandar Abbas will be amended accordingly.

4. German Road Taxes:

As already known the German government has decided to introduce a road tax for truckers, the so-called MAUT. Reason for introducing this MAUT is that due to the extensive usage of the German highways some major investments are required for maintenance, expansion and repairs.

By introducing a distance-based toll system the government wants to redistribute the cost to the parties most actively using the highways being the domestic and foreign truckers.

Toll Collect, the company who has developed the toll system, is presently working on finalising this project which is expected to be implemented 1st January 2005.

As a result of this we are confronted with increasing trucking cost. This advisory is therefore meant to inform you that as from the actual date of implementation invoices will besides the agreed inland rate also reflect a surcharge named "Inland Haulage Road Tax" which representing the MAUT.

Existing deals related to inland transportation with MAUT included will be respected.

Further information about the MAUT can be found at

We trust to have informed you sufficiently. Would you have further questions and/or comments please don't hesitate to contact us


5. Worldwide Container Seal Policy:

In an effort to help protect your cargo during transit, and ensure Container Lines' compliance with sealing requirements established under the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) and the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program, the following container seal policy has been implemented:

          All containers have a high security bolt seal
          affixed to it at all times during transport.

For the full statement please 7502 here.

6. Freight Rates - Additionals:

Please refer to ”CAF - BAF” (click here).


9. Demurrage Charges at Bandar Abbas:

Demurrage Charges at Bandar Abbas port area have been established as follows:

                                       per 20’            per 40’
  1st - 10th day:            free                free
11th - 20th day:          RLS 40,000   RLS  60,000
21st - 30th day:          RLS 60,000   RLS  80,000
  from 31st day:          RLS 80,000   RLS 100,000     



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